Discover the beauty of nature

Mangrove Forest

The Merbok Mangrove Forest (now under the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve) is an amazing evidence of nature, with its beauty, ecosystem value and its contribution to community life along the river. This mangrove forest contains several unique and endangered species, including the Crocodile Trees which only 200 trees left worldwide. Local social entrepreneurs serve an interactive package in this area with mangrove re-planting activities, dining while watching sunsets, bird watching, and more.

Archaeological Sites

The cultural heritage trails in Lembah Bujang contain an extensive archaeological complex, scattered around the palm oil plantation in Sungai Batu with archaeological sites and temples enlightening our civilizational evidence far older than the regional races. A visit to the well-equipped museum, excavation sites and surroundings give a glimpse of our history and culture that is beyond normal habits.

Landscape & Village Life

Lembah Bujang is a destination that presents the lives and traditions of the village community, presenting a unique experience to Malaysian and regional cultures with a genuine local atmosphere surrounded by rice fields. The diversity of people, food, culture and tradition is fun. The diversity of accommodation options (including the homestay) opens up opportunities for domestic and international visitors to experience the harmonious atmosphere of the village.